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Summer Indoors? Try Air Conditioning Repair

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Come Home to Comfort

You may be making big plans for the upcoming Labor Day holiday and long weekend. Whether you’re hosting a cook-out or not, be sure your home is ready to welcome you with cool comfort. Schedule air conditioning repair or maintenance with Energy Savers.
Call today before the holiday weekend for the most flexibility. Keep the summer weather outdoors where it belongs!

Regular Tune-ups Reduce Need for Air Conditioning Repair

If you haven’t scheduled a tune-up for your air conditioner yet this year, do so now! Regular maintenance often preserves warranties and keeps your AC unit working well. Peak efficiency is ideal for the lowest utility bills. Regular service reduces the money spent on unnecessarily high energy bills.
It also reduces the need for air conditioning repair, or worse, the chance of a breakdown. Have you met anyone who didn’t realize changing the oil in their car was required? There’s probably someone on the side of the road right now, learning the expensive auto service lesson.
Regular tune-ups clean, inspect, test and lubricate all relevant components. Technicians look for signs of excess wear and tear. They also check for signs indicating an air conditioning repair may be coming in the future. In addition, they will look for signs of microbial growth in your unit.
Microbial growth is a significant risk in our climate. Best to catch it before it blooms out of control. If you have microbial or other accumulated pollutants in your ductwork – call Energy Savers. We offer professional air duct cleaning and Aeroseal Duct Sealing. Duct sealing also prevents energy loss and increases your AC unit’s efficiency.  

Signs You May Need Air Conditioning Repair

If you’re a new homeowner, you may be unfamiliar with the “language” of your air conditioning system. When you need air conditioning repair, your AC unit will let you know with the following sounds or symptoms.

  • Air conditioner blows warm air. This may indicate a refrigerant leak, among other situations.
  • Strange sounds. Some noises are normal and part of the “starting up” or operating process. If, however, you hear sounds similar to “clicking”, “screeching” or “buzzing”, call for air conditioning repair.
    A clicking sound suggests an electrical problem. Screeching can be caused by a handful of things, such as bad motor bearings. Buzzing could be loose parts, a fan malfunction or an electrical problem.
  • Leaks or frozen condensation. Don’t assume because you live in the south, coils can’t freeze! This is a common occurrence if refrigerant is leaking. Sometimes excessive condensation collects and freezes because of a problem with the drain.
  • Your energy bill spikes. Just like a spike in your water bill suggests a leak, energy bills alert us to anomalies. Listen to them!
  • Short-cycling. There are different causes for short-cycling, or an AC unit repeatedly starting and stopping. If your air conditioner is sized correctly for your home, it’s likely due to an electrical problem or faulty readings from your thermostat.

Call Energy Savers for Air Conditioning Repair, Replacement and Service

For more than 40 years, Energy Savers has helped home and business owners achieve ultimate air conditioning temperature comfort. We also service and repair all brands of HVAC equipment, and we provide air quality solutions. For the greatest convenience and savings, join one of our Priority Service Plans.
If you would like a free estimate on a new air conditioner, please call us. Financing is available for new air conditioning and heating units. It’s better to install a new and more efficient system today, especially if it allows you to save money on energy bills. Give yourself the gift of improved safety, air quality and comfort.
Every day, we provide quality products and superior customer service in and around Columbus, Georgia and Opelika, Alabama. For better comfort and healthy air, call us for air conditioner help today.

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