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12 Days of HVAC Tips in One Post

HVAC tips

Countdown to Cozy!

From our Energy Savers family to your family, we’d like to wish a joyous and festive holiday season to one and all. While we can’t offer you five gold rings, we’re glad to share these 12 great HVAC tips. They’ll save you money and keep you comfortable all year long, which we think is a pretty fantastic gift.
So let’s jump right in to the 12 days of comfort! These HVAC tips will keep you comfortable all year long, keep your system at peak efficiency, and keep money in your pocket where it belongs.

12. HVAC Tips: Know your system

Learn the basic components of your HVAC system. You’ll be prepared to perform DIY maintenance tasks, and you’ll be an informed consumer if you need a repair or installation.

11. HVAC Tips: Replace your filter every 90 days

A new air filter keeps your home clean and healthy, and it saves excess wear and tear on your HVAC equipment.

10. HVAC Tips: Get help from ceiling fans and window coverings

Save your system some stress! Ceiling fans help distribute even temperatures in all seasons. Close curtains and blinds to keep rooms cool during the summer. Open them in winter for free heat from the sun.

9. HVAC Tips: Use a programmable thermostat

These popular devices are an easy and inexpensive way to take control of your system usage and energy bills. Program your HVAC system to run only as much as you need.

8. HVAC Tips: Open vents and keep them clear

When you “close off” unused rooms, you experience reduced circulation through your home. Keep your registers open, unblocked by furniture, and clear of dust and debris.

7. HVAC Tips: Give components room to breathe

The holiday season may not be the time you think of air conditioning. We’ve got HVAC tips to remember for summer, too! Allow at least two feet of clearance around your outdoor air conditioner unit for proper airflow. Ensure the top of the unit is free of branches or other debris.

6. HVAC Tips: Check your outdoor unit for leaks

Some condensation runoff is normal for your air conditioner. If you notice a steady leak of moisture, this is different! Call a trained professional for diagnosis and repair right away.

5. HVAC Tips: Go easy on your AC

On a hot day in the south, it seems unbelievable to think your air conditioner can freeze up. Unfortunately, this is a common summer problem! Moisture freezes on the condenser and leads to a breakdown. Run your AC at a moderate temperature, and be more comfortable in the long run.

4. HVAC Tips: Stop drafts

Identify and seal leaks in your ductwork or around windows and doors. Energy loss due to drafts can add up quickly.

3. HVAC Tips: Invest in a tune-up

Take HVAC maintenance to the next level with a system tune-up. A NATE-certified technician will clean and inspect components you may not be able to reach easily or safely. The technician will also recommend small repairs before they grow into big problems.

2. HVAC Tips: Join an HVAC service plan

Receive service discounts, air quality assessments, priority scheduling, and more!

1. HVAC Tips: Upgrade your HVAC system

For the ultimate in energy savings and home comfort, ditch your old system and gift yourself a new one! Modern advances in technology mean new systems are more reliable and efficient to operate. You’ll enjoy greater comfort and big savings, long after Christmas is over.

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