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Heating and Air Service Reduces Allergens in Opelika, AL and Columbus, GA

Reducing allergies with HVAC system

We spend a lot of time indoors during the winter months not thinking about heating and air service. However, seasonal triggers like pollen will start making their way inside soon. These outdoor contaminants and existing indoor allergens easily make respiratory conditions and some cardiac conditions worse. Reduce your risk with HVAC maintenance and these precautions.

Indoor Air Pollution

Common indoor allergens include: pet dander, dust mites, mold and cockroach droppings. If you breathe in these particles, they can trigger allergic reactions. Without proper maintenance, your HVAC system harbors and spreads these indoor allergens.

How to Prevent it with Heating and Air Service

Replace Air Filters

Your air filter is crucial in trapping allergens, which is why you need to invest in a quality filter and replace it regularly. Air filter quality is measured using the MERV (minimum efficiency recording value) rating system. The ratings range from one to 20 with the higher numbers indicating the best filtration quality.
While high-end filters can last as long as six months, other factors can change how long your filter lasts. If you have pets, younger children, or people with asthma in your house, change your filter more often.

Clean Debris Around Vents

Homeowners make a habit of dusting around the house but often forget to dust off the vents. Your HVAC unit is pushing air through your vents, so cleaning vents prevents this dust from getting into the air you breathe. Also be sure to clean off any debris around the HVAC unit and in the air ducts to avoid any additional allergens circulating through your home.

Humidity Control

Humidity can be a major trigger for asthma sufferers, another reason why it’s important to maintain ideal humidity levels in your home. A whole-home dehumidifier reduces the humidity for your family to remain comfortable.

Schedule Heating and Air Service

Routine HVAC maintenance and tune-ups are often overlooked aspects of home ownership. This not only creates costlier repairs and later allows allergy and asthma triggers to flourish.
The HVAC experts at Energy Savers are here to help with maintenance advice and assistance to help keep your air clean and safe.
When you book heating and air service with the NATE-certified technicians at Energy Savers, you get a top to bottom inspection of your HVAC system.
The technician cleans and lubricates all the relevant parts. He or she tests all the controls and strength of any belts. The technician looks for any signs which indicate there is unusual wear and tear on your system. This helps catch small issues before they become big problems.
At Energy Savers, we also perform air duct cleaning and Aeroseal duct sealing. These services also eliminate a lot of dust and debris from your indoor air.
For Opelika and Columbus residents who need additional home filtration, we recommend air purifiers and media air cleaners. We’re happy to provide free estimates and review the benefits based on your specific situation.

For Heating and Air Service and Indoor Air Quality Solutions Choose Energy Savers

For more than 40 years, Energy Savers has brought the best heating and cooling efficiency to home and business owners in and around Columbus, Georgia and Opelika, Alabama.
We care about the health of our community as well so we offer services designed to rid homes of pollutants through our duct cleaning and Aeroseal duct sealing.  Both services also improve the function of a home’s HVAC system for longer-lasting performance.
If you would like to schedule heating and air service for your heat pump, furnace or air conditioner please call us.

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