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Spring Cleaning for Commercial HVAC Checklist

Commercial HVAC checklist

Why You Should Follow a Commercial HVAC Checklist

If you are a facility manager or own a business in the Columbus, GA or Opelika, AL area, it’s best to complete this “spring cleaning” soon. While we still have cooler overnights, afternoon temperatures continue to climb. When you engage Energy Savers to perform the tasks on your commercial HVAC checklist, you’re investing in better energy efficiency, greater comfort and other benefits.
Various building types use commercial heating and air conditioning, such as offices, schools, hospitals, places of worship, hotels, malls, warehouses and municipal buildings like police stations.
All have specific needs, but based on a 2012 survey by the Energy Information Administration, EIA, space heating and cooling, for example, took up 25 percent of the total U.S. energy use.

Reduce Expenses

First, when your commercial heating and cooling system is clean and tuned-up, it performs as efficiently as it can. Greater energy efficiency means lower utility bills.
Most businesses and industrial organizations keep a sharp eye on operating costs. This is something you can control and even reduce.
Second, when a certified commercial HVAC technician handles your maintenance, your equipment is less likely to need repairs or suffer breakdowns. Depending on your business, a commercial HVAC breakdown means at a minimum, discomfort.
At a maximum, it might negatively impact inventory or production. Save repair costs, extend the life of your current equipment and stay in compliance with warranties with regular, professional commercial HVAC maintenance.

Details of a Commercial HVAC Checklist for Service

The first item on a commercial HVAC checklist is a thorough inspection. Commercial heating and cooling is far more complex than residential systems.
Ventilation and refrigeration are often involved plus there are components we simply don’t need at home. During a commercial HVAC checklist, your certified technician will review many of these key heating and cooling components:

Evaporator Coils

As commercial cooling systems run, debris accumulates on evaporator coils. This debris reduces the coil’s available area for heat transfer and hampers the cooling process. During a commercial HVAC checklist cleaning, your technician cleans away debris for efficient performance.

Refrigerant Levels

It’s important for effective commercial cooling to have correct refrigerant levels. Your technician’s commercial HVAC checklist includes a measurement of these levels. A significant difference points to a possible leak. This attention means repairs happen quickly, ideally before air conditioning season begins.
After level confirmation, your technician adds refrigerant and charges it, based on the manufacturer’s directions.


We don’t claim to be pest control experts, but we see plenty of evidence of them. During cooler weather, rodents and other pest seek shelter in equipment. Damage to wiring and insulation is common.
Our technicians include these areas in their inspection. They test wiring for proper connections and power draw. If necessary, they replace or repair it.

Drain Lines

All cooling systems must drain condensation to operate properly. A commercial HVAC checklist includes a task to clean condensation drip pans and drain lines. These easily accumulate debris over the winter.
Your technician cleans away this debris along with any mineral deposits, both of which have clog potential. Finally, your technician prevents algae growth during the humid summer months with algae-inhibiting agents.

Condensing Units

Comprehensive condensing unit cleaning is a must. Over the winter condensing units gather twigs, dead leaves and other wind-blown debris. These easily damage equipment, such as condenser coils, without intervention. Winter weather also brings ice, which puts pressure on components.


Basic HVAC maintenance dictates checking and changing air filters on a regular basis. Commercial technicians do this, of course. A clean filter lets air freely flow through the air conditioning system. Proper airflow is necessary for optimal performance.

Warmer Temperatures are Here: Check Off Your Commercial HVAC Checklist Now

For more than four decades, Energy Savers has helped home and business owners achieve ultimate heating efficiency and comfort for residential and commercial properties.
We also service and repair all brands of HVAC equipment and provide air quality solutions for commercial, industrial and residential sites.
If you would like to schedule a tune-up or repair for your heating and air system, please call us. We are happy to help you with free estimates. Ready to upgrade to a new energy-efficient system? We also offer installation and finance options.
Energy Savers provides quality customer service and energy-efficient products in and around Opelika, Alabama and Columbus, Georgia. To reduce utility bills and increase productivity, call us for heating and air help today.

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