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Is Your Air Conditioning Unit Ready for Spring?

Spring AC tune up

Spring is almost here, and your air conditioning unit has sat unused for a few months. How do you know it is ready to take on warmer temperatures? Energy Savers gets your air conditioning unit back in action to keep your household comfortable.
Avoid a true spring “break” with your air conditioner when you schedule preventative maintenance today. This service tunes up your air conditioning unit so it’s ready to take on spring weather. Or, our thorough inspection alerts you to the need for repairs or even air conditioning replacement.
Schedule service now and get these tasks done before the temperature rises!

Air Conditioning Unit Maintenance

With a Priority Service Plan from Energy Savers, your air conditioning system is protected with an annual maintenance tune-up and safety check. An air conditioning tune-up includes all essential care necessary to help your cooling system perform at its best this spring:

  • Lubrication of all moving parts
  • Install owner-supplied air filter
  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Condensate drain flush
  • Clean outdoor condenser coil
  • Blower motor test/check
  • Safety control inspection
  • Electrical connection tightening
  • Component cleaning with water (deep chemical cleanings are extra)
  • Component check

Air Conditioning Unit Repair

During air conditioning maintenance tune-ups, our technicians may find system issues in need of repair. The discovery of these problems early is a great advantage to homeowners. Your air conditioning repair problems are found early, so they are made before you first crank up the system this year.
When you operate your air conditioning system with faulty components, there is a great potential to cause more damage. Or, you may find your home without cooling on the first hot day due to an undiscovered breakdown.
Energy Savers puts a stop to these hassles when we provide early diagnosis and repair for your air conditioning unit.
Repairs for your air conditioning unit before cooling season also has the potential to save you a great deal in repair costs.
When you operate your system with malfunctioning parts, the air conditioning unit performs poorly. Your indoor comfort suffers and may result in more costly damage to your system.

Air Conditioning Unit Replacement

Sometimes, air conditioning replacement is the best option for Columbus, GA and Opelika, AL homeowners. Old systems do not provide the high energy efficiency they did when new and certainly not as much as a modern system.
These higher energy bills are avoidable. You also run the risk of sudden breakdowns and the risk of no cooling. These are more common in the air conditioning unit’s last few years of service.
How do you know it’s time to replace your air conditioning system?

Air Conditioning Unit Useful Life

Air conditioning units have an average life expectancy of 15 to 20 years. In Georgia and Alabama, where we use cooling equipment more frequently, air conditioners tend to lean more toward 12 to 15 years. Think of it as city driving versus highway driving. Our climate down south simply requires more of them.
Regular maintenance is another big factor. Neglected mechanicals simply age faster. If you’ve put off tune-ups or you’ve moved into a home and don’t know the air conditioner’s status, it may be closer to the end of its useful life than the average.
It’s time to consider air conditioning replacement if your air conditioner is approaching the 10 to 12-year mark. There’s been a lot of progress in air conditioning technology in the last decade. A more efficient air conditioner or heat pump benefits you immediately.

Frequent Repair Needs

Does your air conditioning system break down frequently? It’s common for air conditioning units to require more repairs in their last few years of service. If you have called us for service more often in the last few years, avoid sinking more money into it and look into air conditioning replacement.

Expensive Utilities

Are your energy bills higher with no explanation? If nothing else has changed, such as usage or average outdoor temperatures, a loss of air conditioning efficiency is a likely source of high energy bills. A new high-efficiency air conditioning system helps lower your summer cooling costs.

We’re Ready to Help Your Air Conditioning Unit Tackle Spring Weather

Energy Savers helps homeowners get the most from their air conditioning systems. Our comprehensive air conditioning services handle all your cooling system needs.
We’re available in areas such as Columbus, Cusseta, Fort Benning, Ellerslie, Pine Mountain, Catuala, Waverly Hall and Hamilton, Georgia. We also assist customers in Auburn, Opelika and Phenix City, Alabama.  
Contact us today to schedule preventative maintenance for your air conditioner or heat pump. We help you take care of any repair or replacement needs. Concerns about replacement expenses? Don’t worry – we offer finance options to install a more reliable and comfortable system sooner.

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