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Heating and Cooling Problems: Heat Pump Switch

Heating and cooling problems

On that first warm day, an unlucky group of Columbus, GA area homeowners discover critical heating and cooling problems. One of the most alarming – the heat pump switch doesn’t change! This problem leaves your home without the necessary cooling. Solve this and other potential heating and cooling problems ahead of warmer weather with heat pump repair from Energy Savers.

Quick Review: What Is the Heat Pump Switch?

If you own a heat pump, you know that this heating and air conditioning system does double duty. It provides both heating and air conditioning throughout the year. When it’s time to cool your home, the heat pump operates in reverse to cool indoor spaces.
How does it make the change? The heat pump’s reversing valve makes the change between heating and cooling modes. It sits amongst the unit’s exhaust and intake valves as well as the indoor and outdoor unit lines. Within the reversing valve, there is a slide controlling the direction of refrigerant flow through the heat pump.
The heat pump reversing valve is attached to a solenoid that operates the valve’s electromagnet. When the solenoid is energized with electrical current, the electromagnet moves between positions to reverse refrigerant flow.

Heating and Cooling Problems: Heat Pump Reverse Valve

An issue present in the heat pump’s reversing valve prevents heating and cooling mode changeover. A malfunctioning solenoid or a stuck or leaking reversing switch is often to blame for a lack of changeover between heating and air conditioning.
Energy Savers’ heating and cooling technicians are well-equipped to troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair heat pump switch issues. If your heat pump doesn’t switch between heating and cooling modes, give us a call for quick and reliable repairs.

Other Heat Pump Heating and Cooling Problems

If your heat pump doesn’t switch between heating and air conditioning, there are other issues besides the reversing valve that could be the cause.

Thermostat Accuracy

Your thermostat signals the heat pump to change between heating and cooling modes. If it malfunctions, this message does not relay properly. Check to see your programming is correct and cooling mode is selected.
If your heat pump does not switch modes with the correct settings, the thermostat is a possible problem. Dirty instrumentation, damaged wires or other heating and cooling problems may affect thermostat operation.

Refrigerant Leaks

Heat pumps need precise amounts of refrigerant to function in heating and cooling modes. If a leak is present, the system cannot operate properly. This may cause it to blow warm air even in cooling mode, so you believe the heat pump has not changed between heating and cooling mode.

Let Energy Savers Resolve Your Heating and Cooling Problems

Heat pumps are complex heating and air systems. Skilled heating and air contractors like Energy Savers know the ins and outs of this equipment. We perform a thorough analysis to determine the components responsible for your heating and cooling problems.
Once you’ve approved the action plan, we perform needed repairs right away. With our fast heat pump repair service, your heat pump is ready to cool your home this spring!
Get to the bottom of heating and cooling problems so your home has reliable heating and air no matter the outdoor temperature. Energy Savers helps Columbus, GA homeowners with quick and dependable heat pump repairs. Contact us today to schedule repair or service for heat pumps and air conditioners.

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