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Ready Your Business for Summer with Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Summer HVAC maintenance

With summer right around the corner, you need commercial HVAC maintenance now more than ever to keep your building comfortable. No one likes the heat and humidity that comes with living in Alabama and Georgia; fight day-to-day issues with preventative maintenance for a well-oiled HVAC system.

Why You Need Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Your business requires a lot of work to thrive. Commercial HVAC maintenance ensures your system performance and indoor air quality doesn’t limit your ability to successfully run your business. Here are some benefits to commercial HVAC maintenance.

1. Quality assurance

First, regular maintenance checks ensure your HVAC system runs smoothly. Catch problems before they start to prevent unexpected expenses later. Focus on running a successful business; we take care of the rest.

2. Limit expenses

Commercial HVAC maintenance checks are a solid investment for your business. Over time, your energy consumption drops drastically. Also, your utility bills get smaller. Invest in maintenance to avoid costly repairs as much as possible. Additionally, your HVAC system lasts longer with regular maintenance.

3. Constant comfort

Typically, employees enjoy workspaces with high IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)—who doesn’t? Happy employees yield successful business ventures; invest in commercial HVAC maintenance because it ensures your employees stay satisfied throughout the work day.

Summer Tips for Better Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Different seasons require different maintenance tasks. Here are steps to take to improve your commercial HVAC maintenance for the hot and humid summer months.

1. Filters

Replace your filters for the best air quality. Filters collect harmful particles like dust, dirt and mold spores to keep your system cleaner and improve performance. Make sure your filters are replaced before summer begins to start the season off on the right foot.

2. Clean your system

Generally, a clean commercial HVAC system provides better air quality. In particular, the condenser coil and evaporator coil should be squeaky clean. Grime hinders their ability to remove heat and humidity correctly.  

3. Check refrigerant lines

Next, check for refrigerant leaks. Signs include ice on the lines, hissing sounds and warm air from your air conditioner. Your HVAC system requires refrigerant to work properly. Any leaks should be corrected by an HVAC professional.

4. Fans and blowers

Dust off your fans and blowers before summer gets in full swing. Clean fans and blowers circulate higher quality air, so the cleaner your fans the better.

5. Airflow

Another benefit to commercial HVAC maintenance lies in the general air flow. Well-maintained systems have better airflow overall. Regular maintenance ensures your HVAC systems run smoothly and give you the best airflow possible.

6. Thermostat

Adjust your thermostat to reflect the change in temperature. If possible, use a smart thermostat that allows you to change the air temperature for different times of the day or to accommodate different shifts.
For business hours, keep the temperature cool; when the building is not in use, have the temperature set higher. This ensures you aren’t wasting energy or money. If you are a production or warehouse facility, the temperature may impact your inventory or process.
Stay on top of it with better thermostats and controls. Several models have the ability to alert you to problems with the HVAC before the temperature affects your inventory, for example.

Contact Us for Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Now that you know the benefits of maintenance, you’re ready to take on the summer heat! At Energy Savers Commercial in Alabama and Georgia, we offer tune-up services for your commercial HVAC system.
With our commercial HVAC maintenance checks, you are guaranteed professional, trustworthy work. Contact us today for a free quote on your maintenance check, a planned service plan or HVAC upgrades.

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