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What Are the Benefits of Zoned Heating and Air Conditioning?

HVAC zoning

Are you familiar with the concept of a zoned heating and cooling HVAC system and its home comfort benefits? Would you believe us if we told you everyone in your home could stay comfortable by creating their ideal indoor environment without throwing off the comfortable conditions of others throughout the house? A zoned HVAC system can do just this while lowering energy costs.

These systems split the home into zones and provide separate climate control capabilities for each, so it’s easy to see why the benefits of a zoned system center around improved comfort and energy savings. However, a zoned system includes other lesser-known benefits which are just as valuable to your household. If you’ve ever considered adding a zoning system to your Columbus, GA, home, contact the NATE-certified technicians at Energy Savers today!

HVAC Zoning System Benefits You’ve Been Living Without

The average central heating and cooling system cannot do what the addition of a zoned system makes possible.

1. Separate Zones, Separate Controls

In the average Georgia or Alabama home, adjusting the thermostat to hit your preferred temperature in one room sends comfort levels in other rooms out of whack! With an HVAC zoning system, this problem is completely avoided.

Homes can be split into zones based on usage, construction, orientation and other attributes, and each come with their own thermostat. Adjusting the thermostat in one zone calls for the HVAC system to deliver heating or cooling to meet only that zone’s unique needs. The zone achieves comfort while other zones are not impacted.

2. More Comfort, Less Cost

Everything we explained above helps improve your home’s energy efficiency. Energy isn’t wasted creating conditioned air that’s pushed all over the home when it may only be needed in one zone. Dampers set within supply ducts open and shut to deliver heating and cooling to the targeted areas and prevent fluctuation in other zones.

3. Longer HVAC Life

Zoned HVAC systems also deliver longer service life from your heating and cooling equipment – another major source of financial savings! Less work and less energy consumption work to preserve heating and air conditioning equipment, as these systems don’t experience nearly the same level of wear and tear as a single system that serves the entire home indiscriminately. It’s no secret that a new furnace or air conditioner doesn’t come cheap, so the longer you can put off replacement and the more years you get from your old unit, the more money that stays in your pockets.

4. Improved Indoor Air Quality

In the standard home without zoning, indoor air quality issues easily spread throughout all living areas, as the same air continually circulates throughout all spaces. Because not all areas of the home are heated and cooled the same way, there isn’t as much air movement through all spaces. This is especially helpful in controlling the spread of allergens, odors and other unwanted particulates.

Zone Your Home with the Help of Energy Savers

Homes in Georgia and Alabama can experience the benefits of an HVAC zoning system through a retrofit or new installation. Contact Energy Savers today, and request more information on zoning your home and the advantages these systems deliver throughout your home.

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