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How Long Does a Thermostat Last?


A thermostat is a very important part of any heating and cooling system, as it controls the operation of your home’s furnace and air conditioner or heat pump unit. While homeowners are often familiar with how frequently HVAC systems should be replaced, the thermostat is sometimes overlooked. Energy Savers explains how long thermostats typically last and why you might want to replace it before it reaches its final days.

How Long Does a Thermostat Last?

Furnaces last about 15 to 20 years. Air conditioners last around 10 to 15 years. Heat pumps last between 10 to 12 years on average. So, how long does a thermostat last? A thermostat usually lasts around 10 years.

What Can Impact a Thermostat’s Lifespan?

Ten years is only an estimate in regards to how long a thermostat lasts. There are many factors that can cause a thermostat to wear out before it reaches the 10-year mark. These elements and more cause thermostats to break down and fail prematurely:

  • Wiring or electrical problems
  • Direct sunlight and heat exposure
  • Dust accumulation
  • Frequent adjustments
  • Physical damage

Should You Upgrade a Thermostat Early?

Most homeowners tend to replace the unit when replacing the heating or cooling units in their home. Though your thermostat can last 10 years or even longer, there are some key reasons you might want to consider an early upgrade.

Take Advantage of New Technology

Thermostat technology has evolved quite a bit over the last several years. While simple programmable thermostats were long the “gold standard” for energy savings, the Wi-Fi and smart models of today offer better energy savings and many other advanced features.

Modern smart thermostats make automatic heating and cooling adjustments based on the home’s occupancy to help you save money while at home or when away. Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to access the home’s heating and cooling systems from pretty much anywhere via your smartphone, tablet, or computer!

Service Alerts

Many new thermostat models alert homeowners to the need for maintenance such as filter changes. Some models can also alert you when the heating or cooling unit’s performance changes, indicating extra energy is being consumed which may mean the heating or cooling system is in need of repair. By helping you stay on top of your HVAC system’s maintenance needs and alerting you when performance changes indicate the need for professional help, these thermostats can further help you save money by eliminating excessive energy waste by your heating and air conditioning system.

Insight Into Energy Savings

Many Wi-Fi and smart thermostats collect energy consumption data for your household. You can easily access this information through the thermostat’s mobile app or online portal. The data collected is meant to better illustrate your home’s energy consumption so you can more easily see where your energy dollars are spent. This data can also be quite helpful as you determine new habits and home improvements that will further help your household reduce energy consumption.

Thermostat Installation Services from Energy Savers

Around 10 years is the usual answer for “how long does a thermostat last?”, but there are many compelling reasons to replace your thermostat before this point! To upgrade your thermostat to a smart thermostat and take advantage of new energy-saving technology, call Energy Savers today!

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