If you find your utility bill to be higher than you expected, especially if you were gone for a week over spring break, you might consider these strategies for air conditioner repair, maintenance or usage whether you’re home or on vacation.

Schedule Air Conditioner Repair or Service

It’s easy for this household task to get away from you until your utility bills spike or simply grow too large to ignore. When you schedule a Precision Cooling Service and Safety Check with Energy Savers, your NATE-certified technician will perform a thorough inspection of your entire system. He or she will clean, lubricate and test all components. An HVAC pro will look for signs of trouble, indicating the possible need for an air conditioner repair. Technicans are skilled at spotting these “red flags,” so corrective action can be taken to avoid breakdowns or major air conditioner repairs. 

Whether you use an air conditioner or heat pump, taking care of your system pays off big. A system properly maintained will be more energy efficient and experience less wear and tear. A technician also looks for signs of minor issues he or she can prevent from morphing into a breakdown in the future.

A Priority Service Plan is Your Best Friend 

One of the smartest things you can do is investing in a Priority Service Plan. It’s the closest thing to putting your HVAC maintenance on “autopilot.” After hours emergency service calls and discounts are available to members. Join today!

Ready for a Replacement? 

Is your cooling system ten years old or older? Does it feel like you need to dedicate every third paycheck to air conditioner repair? It may be time to consider replacing it. Many homeowners find their system is woefully low efficient, especially if it was builder-grade or inherited from a previous owner. Upgrading your system may not be a financial burden if you take advantage of financing through Wells Fargo Financial National Bank.

A more efficient system will lower your energy bills immediately and you may be eligible for a rebate from your utility company, reducing the impact of the cost. Check with them for details. Our professionals can help you with the paperwork if necessary.

Consider a Smart Programmable Thermostat 

Another wise investment is a smart, programmable thermostat. These devices trounce the old dial versions. They’re considered “smart” because they learn your habits and provide better communication between your room temperature and your HVAC system. Most have WiFi capability so you can control your home temperatures from any WiFi-enabled device. On vacation and forgot to adjust the thermostat? No problem! Change it from your phone or iPad.

Call Energy Savers at 706-452-7157 (GA) or 334-246-9618 (AL) today. We’ll schedule you for a preventative maintenance appointment, explain the benefits of a Priority Service Plan or discuss an estimate on a system replacement if your unit is costing too much in repairs and inefficient performance. Our NATE-certified and fully insured technicians are continuously trained to be experts in the field. Ask them anything about your system! We want you to feel comfortable with your heating and cooling system, as well as comfortable in your home!

Energy Savers technicians are ready today to service all your Georgia and Alabama HVAC needs. Fill out a contact form to schedule a service today!