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Boiler Repair and Installation Services

No matter what kind of home you live in, it’s crucial that you have a quality heating system. They will provide you with much-needed warmth all winter, keeping your loved ones safe and comfortable.

However, taking care of a boiler can be stressful. Thankfully, Energy Savers is here to help. You can contact our friendly team for a boiler installation service or any repairs you need.

When Do You Need to Repair or Replace Your Boiler?

These systems greatly contribute to keeping your household happy and warm all winter long. Minor issues can lead to some serious discomfort. And if small problems are left unattended, serious breakdowns and even explosions can occur. 

There are some easy ways to tell if your unit needs some TLC. Read about the signs below!

You Should Repair Your Boiler When:

Notice any of the following issues? Give Energy Savers a call. We can provide a quick, effective boiler repair service.

System Produces Uneven Heating

Uneven heating often occurs because your system is dirty or has a blockage. Thankfully, a regular service will take care of this issue. If you notice your building is unevenly heated, you should call Energy Savers today.

The Boiler Takes a While to Start

Waiting a long time for your system to heat up is not just inconvenient – it can be a sign of a significant issue. It’s easy for the starting mechanisms in a boiler to get damaged with frequent use. Call Energy Savers so that you can get a complete diagnosis of the problem.

The Unit Makes Strange Noises

Strange noises can be a sign of clogged pipes, leaks, or cracked connections. If these problems get worse, they could cause a complete system shutdown. However, if you contact a professional, they can quickly fix your machinery.

Energy Bills Are on the Rise

Rising energy bills are a sure sign of a problem with your system. They often occur because of a leak, causing energy or water to be lost. Call on our professionals for immediate assistance. We’ll tackle the problem before it can get any worse.

You Should Replace Your Boiler When:

Some issues are too severe for simple repair service. In some situations, you will require our full boiler installation service to replace your unit.

The System is 12-15 Years Old

As a general rule, the older a unit is, the bigger the chances of a major malfunction. If your system is over twelve years old, it’s best to get it replaced.

The Boiler Costs More to Repair Than Replace

Frequent repairs can quickly add up. If you realize that it will cost more to repair your unit than it would to install a new one, it’s wiser to replace your system.

Consistent Breakdowns or Needed Repairs

Constant breakdowns are not only expensive and inconvenient but can be a sign of a significant problem. It’s best to get a replacement to protect your safety and comfort.

Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Carbon dioxide is a poisonous gas, which can lead to severe illness and even death. To protect you and your loved ones, you should immediately replace your machinery if you suspect carbon monoxide leaks.

Financing Options for Boiler Installations

Here at Energy Savers, we believe that everyone deserves a warm, safe home. This is why we have a wide range of pricing plans that can help you afford the boiler of your dreams.

Our financing options allow you to pay for your boiler over time, rather than all in one go. This makes it much more manageable for you financially. For more information on the type of financing plan available, interest rates, and the length of payment time, click here

Why Energy Savers?

Energy Savers is the go-to HVAC company for homeowners in Columbus, GA. Our boiler repair service and boiler installation service are just a fraction of what we can offer. We have over 40 years of experience serving the local community and heaps of positive reviews. No matter what issues you have, we’ve seen it – and we’ve fixed it. Don’t believe us? Just speak to any of our previous customers.

We only hire technicians who are responsible, licensed, and talented. Customer service is our top priority, and we will go above and beyond to make sure you are thrilled with the boiler repair service or boiler installation service we provide. 

Contact Energy Savers for Boiler Repairs and Installations

Are you having issues with your boiler? If the answer is yes, you should contact Energy Savers today for a boiler repair service.

Our experts are always on hand to help you with any issues you have – from minor problems or maintenance to emergency repairs. Contact our friendly team today for the best quality boiler repair service and boiler installation service.

5 stars

The customer service is amazing!!! Every encounter I have had with call center and field technicians has been professional and timely. Our unit went down in the heat of July. A technician was at my door within hours of my call. I highly recommend using the maintenance service with Energy Savers.

– Wendy K.

After two unsuccessful service calls from another company, Energy Savers correctly diagnosed and fixed the problem which was that one of the strip heaters in my heat pump system was stuck on. The AC was having to work very hard to barely overcome the heating and both were contributing to a very large electric bill.

– Paul B.

Prompt service! They arrived early morning to repair my AC which had broken down. Quick work. The service man was very polite and professional.

– Sunil J.

Special Financing

We’re proud to offer multiple financing options for home improvements with fast, fair and budget friendly payments that fit your needs.

5 stars

They were able to come out and diagnose and fix the problem we have had for over a year with our heater quickly and reasonably! We used another servicer last year for the same problem who did not even try to find out the real cause. I am so appreciative of Energy Savers and especially their technician Don who was very patient and knowledgeable! Thanks to y’all we won’t freeze tonight!

– Jennifer B.

If I could give more than 5 stars I would. In this day and time it’s tough to find companies that give high quality service and who work with you each step of the way. Energy Savers is one of those high quality companies. They act like companies should act. They give you what they promise and more.

– John M.

Energy Savers know their stuff. I can depend on their findings being accurate and their prices fair. They’re always professional and timely.

– Paula M.

Special Financing

We’re proud to offer multiple financing options for home improvements with fast, fair and budget friendly payments that fit your needs.

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