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Carbon Monoxide Dangers

You install smoke detectors in your home to keep you safe from fire. Perhaps you may have an alarm system to protect yourself from crime. You may even have one of the new video doorbells to show you who’s at your front door. How would you stop an invisible and silent threat? Learn to recognize the danger signs of carbon monoxide poisoning and how you can prevent it.

You Can’t See or Smell Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless and colorless gas. It is found in the fumes produced by combustion of fuel for vehicles, stoves, fireplaces and furnaces. When it builds up indoors, it becomes poisonous to people and animals.
CO replaces oxygen in the red blood cells, which leaves the body’s systems unable to function as they should. Longer or more concentrated exposure can lead to permanent heart or brain damage. In significant quantities, CO poison can be fatal.

Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Common and recognizable symptoms of CO inhalation can resemble the flu. These include:

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Loss of strength
  • Upset stomach
  • Nausea
  • Confusion
  • Chest pain
  • Blurred vision
  • Loss of consciousness

Carbon monoxide can build up in a person who is asleep or passed out. CO poisoning can become fatal before symptoms are observed so it’s critical to be aware.

How to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Buildup

Now you know the danger of carbon monoxide and how to recognize it. What can you do? The good news is you have options to prevent CO as a threat in your home! Here are a few suggestions to help.

  • First, install and maintain a carbon monoxide detector. Similar to a smoke detector, CO detectors are commercially available and inexpensive. Also similar to a smoke detector, you should test your CO detector and change the batteries on a regular schedule.
  • Second, buy only gas appliances and equipment with the seal of a recognized testing agency, such as Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL).
  • Third, ensure gas appliances and equipment are properly vented. This allows CO to dissipate before it can build up indoors.
  • Next, never use gas stoves or ranges to heat your home. Use these appliances only to prepare food.
  • Finally, have your gas appliances and equipment inspected and serviced regularly, by a trained professional.

HVAC Repair, Service and Replacement Can Prevent Carbon Monoxide Leaks

For more than 40 years, Energy Savers has helped home and business owners achieve ultimate climate comfort. We also service and repair all brands of HVAC equipment and provide air quality solutions.
If you need service or maintenance for your gas-fueled or other HVAC equipment, please call us. Also, financing is available for new heating units. It’s better to install a new and more efficient system today, especially if it allows you to save money on energy bills. Give yourself the gift of improved safety, air quality and comfort.
We get up every day to provide quality products and great customer service in and around Opelika, Alabama and Columbus, Georgia. So for better comfort and healthy air, call us for heating system and carbon monoxide detection help today.