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Falling Leaves, Fall Allergies and HVAC Systems

Fight Back Against Common Allergens in Georgia and Alabama

We live in a beautiful part of the country. We enjoy a climate with flowers and flowering trees practically all year long. The downside, sadly, is all the pollen and allergy-triggers. If you have asthma, allergies, COPD or other respiratory illnesses, you may dread the fall. Fortunately, HVAC systems can help prevent pollutants from spoiling your fall fun.  

Allergies On the Rise

Allergies are increasing from various sources, according to researchers at Emory University and the Centers for Disease Control. For example, we’ve seen more mild winters, extending the season for several varieties.
Many landscapers have introduced flower and tree species adding to the problem. Chinese elm, for instance, has grown in popularity as an ornamental planting. This tree is adding to the tree pollen spores in the air in the fall. Typically, Georgians and Floridians experience most tree pollen issues in the spring. Planting non-native species like the Chinese elm change this.
Ragweed, a pervasive plant across the southeast, pollinates in mid-August and continues until we have a hard freeze.
Raking leaves also presents an opportunity for mold and pollen exposure. Take care when doing yard work. Wear a mask if necessary and shower before hitting the pillow. Otherwise, the spores attached to your hair will settle in your bedding. No one likes waking up with allergy congestion.
Fall may also bring chores like a fall yard sale or a seasonal clothing swap. You may encounter dust during these and other activities like hauling out seasonal decor.

How HVAC Systems Fight Back

Once you come inside, you bring all the pollen, animal dander and microbial spores with you. These particulates enter your home’s air and the HVAC systems.
Ideally, they are captured by your HVAC systems filter and they stop there. Unfortunately, filters can fill quickly and homeowners forget to change them. If you have pets, smoke or live in a high pollen area, check your filter monthly. It may need to be cleaned or changed as often.
Otherwise, most people check it monthly and change it every two to three months. Use the arrival of your utility bill as your reminder.
A clogged filter cannot screen out all the particulates and it obstructs the air flow. This makes your HVAC systems work harder. If your HVAC systems are working harder, you can bet your energy bill is going to increase.
Interested in additional ideas? Call Energy Savers. We are a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer and can counsel you on a variety of air purifiers and ventilators. We also perform air duct cleaning. If dust and debris have accumulated in your ducts, it re-circulates throughout your home.

An HVAC Systems Tune-Up is Always a Good Idea

At Energy Savers, we are big proponents of routine maintenance. It helps your HVAC systems run at peak efficiency and spots small issues before they can become costly repairs. Part of the HVAC systems maintenance includes cleaning dust and debris from the equipment. Anything which obstructs the air flow, such as contaminants, reduce the HVAC systems function and add wear and tear.

HVAC Systems Experts in Repair, Service and Replacement

For more than 40 years, Energy Savers has helped home and business owners achieve the best HVAC systems temperature comfort. We also service and repair all brands of HVAC equipment and provide air quality solutions.
If you would like a free estimate on a new air conditioner, please call us or submit a contact form so we can call you. It’s better to install a new and more efficient system today, especially if it allows you to save money on energy bills. Financing is available for new air conditioning and heating units. Give yourself the gift of improved safety, air quality and comfort.
For 40 years we’ve served Columbus, Georgia, Opelika, Alabama and the surrounding communities. We sell quality Carrier products and give great customer service. For better comfort and healthy air, call us for HVAC systems help today.