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Heat Pump Installation

Heat pump installation service in Columbus, GA, and Auburn, AL, from Energy Savers provides affordable heating and cooling year-round for homeowners. Contact Energy Savers for expert heat pump installation or other heating services in your home.

When to Replace a Heat Pump System?

Typically, heat pumps offer a service life between 10 and 20 years, with 15 years being their average lifespan. Maintenance plays a significant role in how long a pump lasts. Great maintenance can help you achieve a longer system life, while neglected maintenance typically takes your pump out of service sooner.

If your heating system is at or getting close to the 10-year mark and you experience trouble, it may be time to install a new heating system. If the repair costs in an older heat pump are equal to or more than $500, we recommend getting an estimate for a new, energy-efficient model with a 10-year parts warranty.

How Do You Know If You Have a Bad Heat Pump?

If you’ve been doing your fair share of research trying to find if there’s any way to know whether your pump will soon break down before it actually does, you’re in luck! Many signs point to a bad heat pump, signaling it’s time for a replacement. If you are considering heat pump installation or replacement in Columbus, GA., watch for these signs that help you decide when it is time:

Your heat pump is within the expected system life range

If your heat pump is 10 to 20 years old, or beyond, start looking into replacement now. It’s always better to plan ahead for these things rather than replacing your system due to a sudden and surprising breakdown. When you begin to look for a new pump before your current one breaks down, you’ll be prepared and have a replacement in mind, saving you time and restoring your home’s comfort quicker.

Your system experiences frequent breakdowns

More repair needs are common in the last few years of a system’s service life. If you’ve had to call for heating unit repairs more often over the last few seasons, you require heat pump installation.

The heat pump isn’t keeping up with the demand

This is a problem at any age if the unit is undersized or oversized for the home. As a heat pump ages, it may also experience performance issues that leave you without enough heating or cooling.

Your electricity bill is higher than usual

HVAC systems are the top consumer of energy in most homes, and utility bill spikes often point to HVAC equipment troubles. The benefit of new heat pump installation is improving energy efficiency, which will reduce the cost of monthly energy bills.

Skilled Heat Pump Installers Are Standing By

In most cases, it takes a full day to install a heat pump. We usually try to start first thing in the morning, getting rid of any worn and old equipment with caution to avoid any big messes.

We always perform the entire heat pump installation to manufacturer guidelines. You won’t find us discharging anything into the air, cutting lines to drain them, or seeping natural gas or additional substances into your Columbus, Georgia, house, or the surrounding atmosphere. We haul everything away and dispose of it correctly. Before we finish for the day, we will check the newly installed heat pump to examine the air balance and ensure the airflow is strong and steady in your Columbus, GA, home.

We follow the standard process with all of our HVAC installations. We do everything to code and to the manufacturer’s recommendations. With our Columbus heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality services, you can expect everything to be done by the book.

Choosing to heat and cool your Columbus, Georgia, home with the use of a heating and air conditioning unit like a heat pump may prove to be a more economical and faster option. Energy Savers is the leading provider of heating and cooling solutions in Alabama and Georgia. We have decades of experience with professional HVAC products and services in Columbus, GA, Phenix City, AL, and the surrounding areas. Additionally, our NATE-certified professionals can help you with any heating need you might face, including replacing and installing a new furnace.

Heat Pump Installation Service is Just a Call Away!

If you need to replace your existing outdoor unit, call the heating and air conditioning experts at Energy Savers for heating system installation as soon as possible. Our NATE-certified technicians are able to inspect your system and report their findings to help you determine if you should install a new heat pump. We offer a great range of energy-efficient Carrier heat pumps and perform the necessary load calculations to ensure your heat pump is sized right for your home.

If your heating, air conditioning, or indoor air quality problem occurs in the middle of the night or on a holiday, we’re proud to offer emergency service to homes in and around Columbus, GA. No matter the time of day or the surrounding circumstances, we’ll work hard to bring comfort back to your home. For Columbus, GA, heat pump installation, contact Energy Savers today, and we’ll send a contractor out to your home in no time. We also offer financing for new HVAC equipment, including heat pumps.

5 stars

Prompt service and a friendly technician! Everything was explained clearly and having everything checked out twice a year makes me feel much more confident in our heating/cooling systems!

– Kelli P.

Energy Savers has given us excellent service for many years. They are always pleasant, professional, clean and neat; and, they come when they say they are going to come and always do a good job.

– Anne S.

Greg climbed in the attic and saw the duct was too close to the hot water line running to the outside Heat Pump and was causing the flex duct to contract and expand making the ‘water dripping’ sound – move the duct away and BOOM! Fixed! Thanks again, Greg!

– Jim F.

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