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Heat Pump Tune Up

More Georgia and Alabama homeowners are turning to heat pumps to replace their traditional heating and air conditioning systems. Heat pumps offer a wide range of advantages compared to traditional HVAC systems, including a longer lifespan and increased energy efficiency.

If you already own a pump or are interested in having a new one installed, it’s important to maintain it to keep it in peak condition throughout the year. Request your seasonal heat pump inspection and tune up from Energy Savers today!

Advantages of Installing a Heat Pump

Are you considering having a heat pump installed in your home? Some of the advantages of heat pumps include:

Increased lifespan: Heat pumps can last up to 15 years if they’re properly cared for.

Energy-efficient: Heat pumps run on electricity and are much more efficient than similar options such as gas furnaces. The most efficient heat pumps can transfer 300 percent more energy than it consumes. Heat pumps offer the best savings in climates with moderate heating needs such as Alabama and Georgia.

Heating and cooling in one: A heat pump works as both a heater in the winter and an air conditioning system in the summer, eliminating the need to manage two separate systems.

Fewer carbon emissions: Heat pumps use considerably less energy than traditional gas and oil furnaces and are about a third more energy efficient than baseboard electric heaters.

Benefits of Routine Heat Pump Maintenance

A tune up on your heat pump is a minor investment that pays you back with great benefits! 

  • Tune ups counteract the damage caused by normal wear and tear to help your heat pump perform at its best, all while reducing the risk of a breakdown and the need for heat pump repair service.
  • During an inspection, technicians are able to catch flaws and malfunctions that could lead to greater problems down the road. These issues are fixed early to avoid damage to your system and the loss of heating or air conditioning when you need it.
  • The maintenance performed during heat pump tune-up helps your system perform at its best. It is able to deliver more reliable, even comfort throughout your home.
  • With better performance, you get better efficiency from your heat pump. Tune ups help you conserve energy and reduce electricity bills.
  • As most HVAC system manufacturers require routine maintenance tune ups, your tune up keeps your equipment warranty valid to protect you in case of a malfunction.
  • A well-maintained heat pump typically lasts longer than a neglected one, so a tune up helps extend system service life and helps you avoid the need for heat pump replacement sooner than you expected.

What’s Included in a Heat Pump Tune Up Checklist?

A heat pump inspection involves thorough care and testing for all parts of your system. The maintenance of your pump includes:

  • Lubrication of moving parts
  • Inspection of air filter, replacement if necessary (with owner provided filter)
  • Refrigerant level and charge testing
  • Inspection of blower motor and belt
  • Condenser coil cleaning with water (chemical cleaning is an additional charge)
  • Inspection of the evaporator coil
  • Testing of all controls
  • Motor amperage measurement
  • Tightening all electrical connections
  • Flushing condensate drain to prevent clogs
  • Testing temperature drop and adjustment of blower speed
  • Inspection of the disconnect box
  • Contactor cleaning
  • Inspection of start and run capacitors and relays

When Should I Schedule Heat Pump Maintenance?

You may have heard furnaces and air conditioners need one yearly tune up – this is because each system runs only part of the year. Since heat pumps both heat and cool, they require two tune ups per year – the same amount as a traditional air conditioning and heating system, just for the same equipment each time. 

Maintenance allows the heat pump to be inspected and repairs made early, and routine care performed so your heat pump is in peak condition when in use.

Schedule your heat pump inspection today when you contact Energy Savers. Become a Priority Service Plan member and receive regular tune ups for your heat pump plus additional benefits and discounts on heating and air conditioner services. Contact Energy Savers today for all of your heat pump needs!

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