ACHeat pumps make a significant difference in what you pay for heating and cooling your home.  Replacing an old gas furnace and air conditioning unit with an air-source or duel fuel heat pump has the potential of cutting your heating and cooling bill in half.  Replacing an electric heating system with a heat pump can reduce the amount of electricity use by up to 40%.  As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, Energy Savers is well-versed in heat pump technology.  Our NATE-certified technicians have the factory training, hands-on experience, and sophisticated tools to properly size, install, and service your heat pump, ensuring reliable and rewarding performance year after year.

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Designed to address today’s comfort demands, minimize energy consumption, and provide superior air quality, the Carrier Infinity Series Heat Pump with Greenspeed Intelligence delivers 20.5 SEER, 13 HSPF, while operating at a whisper-quiet 58 decibels.  Having earned ENERGY STAR’s Most Efficient 2012, these systems pair with Infinity Control to take comfort and convenience to a whole new level.  Adaptable speed allows for adjustments in one percent increments from 40% to 100% capacity, answering the exact needs of the home with the right amount of heating and cooling, and always maintaining optimum efficiency.  Customize temperature, humidity, fan speeds, ventilation, and air quality to personal preferences.  Enjoy zone conditioning, energy tracking, filter alerts, maintenance notifications, and when WiFi is enabled, manage the system from anywhere with your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer.  This amazing heat pump can also be part of a revolutionary Hybrid Heat dual fuel system.

Dual fuel hybrid systems bring together the strength of a gas furnace with the efficiency of an electric heat pump to provide the comfort and energy savings you need to maintain desired temperatures without breaking your budget.  As outdoor weather conditions vary, the system automatically switches between the heat pump and furnace, relying on the most cost-effective fuel source.  The experts from Energy Savers would be happy to discuss the many beneficial possibilities of a dual fuel hybrid system, and facilitate your project with free estimates, informed recommendations, and prompt installation.

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An electric heat pump uses ambient heat in the air to maintain a warm and toasty home environment.  When temperatures drop below 32 degrees, and there is insufficient ambient heat, a fossil fuel becomes the more efficient solution.  Your system will optimize energy use by switching back and forth to whichever source is most effective for comfort and cost-savings.  When warm weather returns, the system reverses operation, finding ambient heat in the home and transferring it outside.  The furnace blower then serves as a variable-speed fan, circulating the cooled air that is supplied by the heat pump.

Energy Savers is the perfect match for your project.  Family owned and locally operated, we service Columbus and the surrounding areas of Columbus, GA, Auburn, AL, Opelika & Phenix City, AL, making sure our valued customers get a quality product and expert workmanship at the best price.   Whether you’re looking to improve the efficiency of your existing heat pump, or are considering an upgrade or new installation, Energy Savers will help you make informed decisions and achieve your goals.