HeatWhatever type of heating system you have in your home, the key to affordable comfort is making sure it is working properly.  Neglected maintenance can result in the waste of a tremendous amount of energy, increased operational costs, polluted air quality, and unsafe conditions.  Your heating unit will succumb to more frequent repair needs and shortened service life.  The solution is simple, convenient, and cost-effective.  Schedule annual services for your furnace, boiler, heat pump or ductless system from the NATE-certified professionals from Energy Savers.  We tailor affordable service plans to fit your needs, schedule, and requirements.  We handle all makes and models, and provide prompt and conscientious service in Columbus and throughout Columbus, GA, Auburn, AL, Opelika & Phenix City, AL.

Keep your family safe and warm with regular heating service!

All manufacturers highly recommend seasonal tune-ups, and most require them for warranty coverage.  Through cleaning, tightening, adjustments, checks, and overall troubleshooting, the majority of sudden malfunctions are prevented.  Optimum system efficiency is maintained, air quality is protected, and service life is extended.  But service is only as reliable as the contractor who provides it.  Don’t trust one of the most important systems in your home to just anyone.  This isn’t a job for a fly-by-night technician who lacks the experience, tools, and training to perform precise and accurate work.  This is a job for the consummate professionals from Energy Savers.  As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we’re continuously held to rigid requirements for business management, customer dedication, and product knowledge.  Our licensed team of technicians participate in ongoing factory training, and remain updated with advanced techniques and technology.  Trust that when you call on Energy Savers, you’re investing in superior service.

A few of the reasons to schedule annual service from Energy Savers include:

  • Clogged blowers can lead to the unit overheating and potential cracks in the heat exchanger, risking exposure to carbon monoxide.
  • The NATE-certified technicians from Energy Savers make your system as a whole function at its best.
  • The difference between the energy use of a well-adjusted heat pump and a neglected one ranges from 10% to 25%.
  • Most common problems with heat pumps, such as low airflow, grinding noises, and improper refrigerant charge, are caught during regular service and prevented from further damaging the system.
  • Air and gas tight seals are necessary to separate the gasses in the flue products inside the heat exchanger from the breathing air passing over the outside surfaces.  The heat exchanger must be visually inspected on an annual basis.
  • 75% of the no-heat calls Energy Savers receives over the winter are the result of a lack of maintenance.
  • Clean, well-adjusted equipment requires less fuel to generate more heat, conserving energy, and lowering running costs.
  • Regular inspections stop problems before they start.  With annual troubleshooting, the licensed technicians from Energy Savers will address any concerns with the system, make the necessary adjustments, and promote uninterrupted performance.
  • A properly serviced heating system will last longer.  When components are maintained in like-new condition, they ward off wear and tear.
  • You may not notice a problem with your thermostat unless it is checked by a professional.  Faulty thermostats waste energy and result in higher operational costs.
  • Faulty electrical connections can result in unsafe operation, and even present a fire hazard.
  • Dust, dirt, and contaminants within the system not only lead to loss of airflow, accelerated wear, and high energy use, but threaten air quality as well.  Your family’s health is directly impacted by the cleanliness of your HVAC system.
  • Consider a Priority Service Plan from Energy Savers and benefit from priority service, 15% off all repair work, and total confidence in your heating system.

With dependable heating system service from Energy Savers, you’ll enjoy all these benefits and more!