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Heating Tune-Up in Columbus, GA

Every heating system needs an annual tune up to ensure great performance and energy efficiency. Schedule your heating tune up with Energy Savers today!

Benefits of Routine Heating Tune Ups

At Energy Savers, we offer a variety of professional heating services in Columbus, GA including heating tune ups.  A heating system tune up gives your furnace or heat pump the TLC it needs to serve you best throughout the cold season. The benefits make a tune up well worth the investment – here’s how you benefit from this routine maintenance:

  • Better performance from your heating system, even temperatures, and improved temperature control in your home.
  • Improved energy efficiency as the system uses less energy to get its job done.
  • Reduce system damage with maintenance that remedies wear and tear issues. Problems are found and fixed early before they cause extensive damage.
  • Reduce the likelihood of a breakdown. Problems are spotted and repaired early, before they grow into a significant issue that shuts down the system.
  • Fewer heating repair service calls and expenses.
  • Uphold your heating system’s warranty, as most manufacturers require regular maintenance in their warranty terms.
  • Longer system life, as maintenance keeps your furnace or heat pump in top condition.

What’s Included in a Heating Tune Up?

During a heating tune up, our technicians thoroughly inspect, test and care for your heating equipment. Your heating system tune up includes:

  • System combustion analysis
  • Verify combustion air levels
  • Burner cleaning
  • Burner adjustments
  • Heat exchanger inspection
  • Cleaning and adjustment for pilot lights or ignition systems
  • Lubrication of motors, bearings and fans
  • Testing and adjustment of safety and operation controls
  • Flue pipe and draft diverter inspection
  • Testing of gas valve
  • Inspection for gas leaks
  • Blower motor inspection
  • Volt and amperage draw check for motor
  • Testing and tightening all electrical connections
  • Inspection of air filter, replacement if necessary

When Should I Schedule Heating Maintenance?

We schedule heating tune ups all during the heating months. From October through March, our technicians will catch any system problems that need repairing so you aren’t surprised with a repair. 

If you haven’t had a heating tune up and have already started using your heating system this year, that’s ok – don’t skip your tune up! Make sure to schedule a tune up once per year for furnaces, and twice per year for heat pumps as they both heat and cool your home. Air conditioners also need a yearly tune up, too.

If you skip a tune up, your heating system is at a greater risk of breakdown over the coming season. Sub-par comfort isn’t your only problem – skipping a tune up could void your system warranty. Without warranty coverage, you are on the hook to pay for needed repairs. Most equipment manufacturers require annual tune ups performed by licensed HVAC professionals.

Call Energy Savers to schedule a heating tune up for your furnace or heat pump today! Ensure your HVAC equipment is protected throughout the year – sign up for a Priority Service Plan and save on annual tune ups for your heating and cooling system and receive other valuable benefits.

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We are very happy and pleased with the excellent service given by Mike Gunter and his guys. They did all the work in a neat and professional manner. We recommend Energy Savers to all our family and friends.

– James P.

I love the customer service I get with Energy Savers. I always get fast courteous service. I purchased a new unit this year and I am very satisfied with the Sales Dept, Office Personnel and of course the Installers and Service Technicians. Thanks everyone.

– Connie H.

I have been using Energy Savers exclusively for routine maintenance. The staff and technicians are always professional and hospitable. I am completely satisfied with the quality of their work and customer service.

– Eric E.

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