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HVAC Zoning

Address the individual comfort needs throughout each area of your home with a zoning system installed by Energy Savers.

Benefits of HVAC Zoning

Zoning your home’s HVAC system provides many benefits that improve your comfort and your home’s energy efficiency, such as:

  • Instead of delivering conditioned air at the same level across the entire home, each zone is able to call for heating and cooling as needed. The comfort needs of each area based on construction, use, and personal preferences can be met without throwing off temperatures in other areas of the home.
  • Eliminate uncomfortable uneven temperatures, such as a hot upper level and lower levels that are too cool – a common problem in multi-level homes with traditional forced air systems.
  • Everyone has control of comfort in their personal spaces. Zoning systems allow for flexibility, so everyone’s preferences are met. One family member is able to have a cool room at night, while another has a warm room. 
  • Use heating and cooling only where needed and conserve it where it’s not. Zoning systems reduce energy waste and help you lower utility bills.

How Does a Zoned Heating and Air Conditioning System Work?

A zoning system works with a forced air HVAC system to regulate airflow throughout areas of the home. Dampers are installed within the system’s ductwork, which open and close as needed to allow air movement into the indoor spaces they serve.

In a zoned heating and cooling system, there’s just one system, but zoning allows for the effect of each zone having its own dedicated HVAC system. The home is split into zones based on factors like usage, construction, exposure and other elements. Each zone is equipped with a dedicated thermostat to control heating and cooling within the area.

When one thermostat calls for heating or cooling, the HVAC system cycles and the damper opens to allow conditioned air into that zone. If other zones are not in need of heating or cooling, dampers close to maintain temperatures. Multiple zones can use the same HVAC system at the same time and achieve different temperatures through zoning.

Can You Add Zones to an Existing HVAC System?

In most cases, your home comfort system will not work with today’s zone systems due to the need for the system to increase and decrease capacity since the whole home is not heating and cooling 100% of the time.

An Energy Savers Comfort Consultant can evaluate your needs as well as your existing HVAC system to determine the best solutions for zoning your home. We match you with high-quality products and design and install a zoning system that allows everyone to achieve ideal comfort indoors. 

Ready to zone your home and improve comfort? Get started today when you call Energy Savers for a free quote for zoning system installation.

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