Start the spring with duct cleaning to improve your Columbus, GA home’s indoor air quality. After all, most people spend 90 percent of their time indoors, according to the EPA. You breathe unhealthy amounts of dust and dirt the entire time if your ducts are caked with grime! So, let’s talk about the problem of poor indoor air quality, the benefits of duct cleaning and the most important times to clean your ducts. 

Air Quality Problems

Polluted indoor air has a powerful impact on health.

First, poor indoor air quality causes short-term symptoms like cough, eye irritation, headache, nausea, sneezing and fatigue. Over time, exposure to indoor air pollution leads to chronic conditions including respiratory diseases.

Certain people are even more susceptible to the hazards of poor air quality. You have a higher risk of problems if you already have asthma, allergies, a respiratory disease, a suppressed immune system certain heart problems or wear contact lenses.

What You Can Do to Keep Ducts Cleaner

Take the following steps to prevent excessive dirt in your ducts.

  • Replace your air filter regularly
  • Ask your HVAC technician to do a routine check of the ducts when they make other service calls
  • Seal off all the vents when you renovate your home
  • Dust and vacuum your home regularly
  • Repair water leaks immediately

Benefits of Duct Cleaning and Sealing

The EPA suggests indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air. Combat this with duct cleaning. Duct cleaning reduces allergens and eliminates mold. Also, it eliminates odors from the air ducts. You breathe more freely and easily in a cleaner home. Energy Savers uses the Rotobrush point of contact duct cleaning system. This professional equipment allows us to effectively eliminate mold, fungi, dust, and bacteria from your home’s ducts.

In addition, ductwork cleaning increases the efficiency of your HVAC unit and lowers energy costs. It extends the life of your air conditioning system.

Your Columbus, GA HVAC technician inspects the ducts, tests the air flow, and cleans your ductwork if needed. If leakage is a problem, duct sealing is performed to eliminate air leaks and make your system more efficient.

We use the Aeroseal technology to coat the inside of your ducts with a safe material. It’s the same material used to make baby pacifiers! The majority of homes have leaks in their ducts and the Aeroseal process eliminates them. This makes your HVAC system deliver 100 percent of the air you’ve paid it to condition to all the rooms of your house. Leaks allow the air to escape before it can reach your rooms. Plus, cracks and leaks allow more contaminants to enter your ductwork. 

The Most Critical Times to Clean Your Ducts

You probably already think of spring as a time to clean, and it is a good time to do this work. If you are unable to take care of it this spring, plan to schedule it soon, do not put this important service off until next year.

It’s easy to forget about your ducts. They quietly carry the right temperature of air into your home to make it comfortable. Yet, ignoring them leads to problems. So, take time today to look at your ducts. Consider ductwork cleaning services soon if you notice any of the following problems.

  • Water damage
  • Slime and mold
  • Debris that restricts air flow
  • Dust comes out of the supply vents
  • Dirt caked on duct surfaces
  • Rodent or insect infestation
  • A bad odor is coming from the ducts
  • Increasing energy costs

Book Duct Cleaning and Sealing Now to Improve Your Health and Utility Bills This Spring

Energy Savers suggests you pay close attention to your HVAC ductwork. We recommend you have your ducts inspected for possible cleaning to ensure cleaner air quality if you have any issues. Contact us soon if you’re concerned about your ductwork in Cataula, Waverly Hall, Hamilton, Cusseta, Ellerslie, Pine Mountain or Fort Benning, Georgia. We also serve customers in and around Phenix City, Auburn and Opelika, Alabama.