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Summer Landscaping Tips Around Your Outdoor HVAC

Despite the challenges of managing your yard, a properly landscaped lawn gives your home a fresh look and makes you the envy of everyone in your neighborhood. Just like evenly cut rows and beautiful flower beds, your outdoor HVAC unit needs special attention to keep it operating smoothly during long summer days.
Energy Savers has smart landscaping tips to boost your indoor cooling efficiency this summer!

Smart Summer Landscaping Tips for Outdoor HVAC Equipment

Your outdoor HVAC unit is designed to withstand Mother Nature’s elements, and by making smart choices with your lawn care management, you can avoid breakdowns and malfunctions in the middle of the summer when temperatures and humidity rise. One of the biggest problems outdoor HVAC systems experience is restricted airflow, which forces it to work harder to keep your home cool on the inside and ultimately, costing you more.
Eliminating grass, leaves, branches and twigs on and around your outdoor HVAC unit allows it to function efficiently, regardless of the weather outside. Your home will experience cooler temperatures without increasing your energy bill during the summer. You will notice fewer problems with your outdoor unit when you make smart landscaping choices, such as:

  • Mow with care by controlling the direction of your grass clippings. The debris needs to blow away from your outdoor HVAC unit to prevent debris from building up on the coils. Debris covering the coils doesn’t allow the outdoor HVAC unit to breathe and cool off during the hottest times of the day. By keeping your unit clear of debris, your unit can keep up with the demands of the summer sun.
  • Pull weeds around your outdoor HVAC system by hand or use an herbicide spray instead of using a weed eater. One false move and a weed eater can do irreparable harm to the components in your outdoor HVAC unit, such as the tubing, refrigerant lines, coil fins and wiring. Damaged parts can lead to overheating and inconvenient expensive repairs. If you notice anything damaged in your outdoor HVAC unit, call Energy Savers immediately for HVAC repairs. We will ensure your unit is operating to the best of its ability throughout the summer months!
  • Pay special attention to the trees, bushes, flowers and shrubs around your unit. The recommended distance for vegetation around your unit is at least two feet on all sides. Summer storms bring strong winds and blow limbs and branches, causing them to fall. If they are close to your outdoor HVAC unit, damages will occur, and immediate repairs will be required.

Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

There are common mistakes homeowners make when it comes to lawn maintenance. Trees, shrubs and bushes near your outdoor HVAC unit can grow quickly, especially after a summer storm. Overgrown limbs and branches smother your exterior unit, preventing proper airflow when the system is running. Keep an eye on the vegetation surrounding your outdoor HVAC system and trim them often when they grow too close for comfort and safety.
Another landscaping mistake interfering with your outdoor HVAC unit’s operation is tall grass. Neglecting your yard not only makes your home look unkempt, it impairs your outdoor unit from operating efficiently. The tall grass restricts airflow around the unit, forcing your system to work harder and succumb to overheating. Cut your grass once or twice a week to prevent overgrowth from crowding around your outdoor HVAC unit.
Make wise decisions this summer when mowing your lawn and trimming your shrubs, trees and other vegetation. If you are concerned about the performance of your outdoor HVAC unit, call Energy Savers for service. We offer quality service by NATE-certified technicians who are the best in the industry. We are dedicated to providing the best customer service in communities in and around Columbus, Georgia and Opelika, Alabama