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Top Carrier Furnaces for Southern Homes

There are lots of choices when it comes to Carrier furnaces. Unsure of the best fit for your Georgia or Alabama home and for your needs? Let Energy Savers provide a customized estimate and eliminate the information overload.

Selection Factors for Carrier Furnaces

It’s important to your utility bills, comfort and safety to purchase a furnace through an authorized dealer. Why? Because only a professional can ask the necessary questions and perform the calculations needed.
When we repair furnaces for Columbus or Opelika residents, we sometimes find a furnace too big or too small for their home. An improperly-sized furnace creates many problems. One common problem is known as “short-cycling.”
If your furnace frequently kicks on and off before the home is warm, it may be short-cycling. This creates higher utility bills and additional strain on the equipment. This extra wear and tear ages your heating system, leads to early repairs and even breakdowns.
After calculating the appropriate system load, the Energy Savers’ team member reviews your energy goals and other factors including anticipated use and occupancy. For example, for the best energy efficiency, our team recommends Carrier furnaces with the highest AFUE you can afford.
AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. The rating measures how efficiently a furnace converts energy into heat.
For Carrier furnaces with 80 percent AFUE, 80 cents of every dollar spent on gas to fuel it is converted to heat. 20 cents of each of those dollars exhaust up the flue and outdoors. Therefore, the higher the AFUE, the more efficient it is.
Older furnaces generally had AFUE between 56 and 70 percent. Federal regulations in 2013 and 2015 required new furnaces offer a minimum of 80 percent.

Carrier Furnaces Recommendation: Good

One example is the Comfort™ 80 Gas Furnace. With an 80 percent AFUE, it features quiet operation including ComfortFan™ technology. This system allows you to choose fan speeds while it is in “Constant ON” mode, even though it’s a fixed-speed unit.
In addition, the SmartEvap™ technology is especially helpful in our Georgia and Alabama climates. This technology stops the fan from time to time in the “Constant ON” modes. This gives the cooling condensation the opportunity to drain away. With SmartEvap, humidity is reduced up to 10 percent.

Carrier Furnaces Recommendation: Better

A more efficient Carrier furnace model is the Comfort 92 Gas Furnace 59SC2. This unit boasts a 12.1 percent increase in energy efficiency. Known for its reliability, the Comfort 92 is a single-stage model with a 20-year heat exchanger limited warranty.
There’s no pilot light to worry about with pilot-free hot surface PowerHeat ignition. This model also takes advantage of the ComfortFan technology.

Carrier Furnaces Recommendation: Best

One of the top Carrier furnaces is the Infinity™ 96 Gas Furnace. With an achievable 96.7 percent AFUE, it performs quietly. With a variable-speed blower, it runs in low stage most of the time. When extra heat is needed, it shifts into a higher stage.
Select sizes meet ENERGY STAR® qualifications for the ultimate in energy efficiency. In addition, the Infinity 96 uses the SmartEvap™ and Ideal Humidity System™ technologies. These work with your air conditioner or heat pump to reduce summer humidity.
This model also uses the ComfortFan™, PowerHeat™ and Comfort Heat Technology™ features for more comfort and better efficiency. Finally, rest easy with the lifetime heat exchanger limited warranty.

Energy Savers Helps Georgia and Alabama Homeowners Choose the Best Carrier Furnaces

For more than 40 years, Energy Savers has served the communities of Columbus, Georgia and Opelika, Alabama with heating and cooling needs.
When it comes to Carrier furnaces, we are happy to help homeowners make the best choice for them, based on careful assessments of your home and your goals.
As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, it’s our goal to help you achieve ultimate heating efficiency and comfort. In addition, we service and repair all brands of HVAC equipment and provide air quality solutions.
If you would like to schedule a free estimate for any of our inventory of Carrier furnaces, please call us or submit the online form. We also offer finance options. This helps families upgrade to one of the Carrier furnaces quickly. For better comfort and healthy air, call us for heating help today.