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Vacationing? Save with a Wi-Fi Thermostat!

Do you have a Wi-Fi thermostat? They are a popular, emerging home technology to control your heating and cooling use effortlessly! Before you leave for your summer trip, be sure to tell your thermostat you’re leaving so energy use is kept to a minimum while you’re away.
Don’t have a Wi-Fi thermostat? Read on to learn about the enhanced features this technology offers, improving your comfort and controlling your energy consumption. Contact Energy Savers today to upgrade to a Wi-Fi thermostat reap the benefits in convenience and energy efficiency.

How Is a Wi-Fi Thermostat Different?

Wi-Fi thermostats are more advanced than an old-fashioned dial thermostat by far. Program temperature schedules for your heating and air systems to follow based on your preferences and household schedule. Most will provide modes for weekday usage compared to the weekend and a vacation mode. Wi-Fi-enabled means you can access the thermostat via an app on a smartphone or tablet.
A Wi-Fi thermostat will communicate more effectively with your HVAC system by taking more accurate readings and adjusting appropriately to control energy consumption immediately.

Wi-Fi Thermostat Features

Wi-Fi thermostats offer truly amazing convenience and energy conservation features to help your household maximize comfort and control over your energy spend. Features will depend on the model you choose and commonly include the following:

  • Wi-Fi thermostats may consider ambient conditions, such as humidity levels, to adjust temperatures and keep your family comfortable. Humidity levels greatly affect the body’s comfort at different temperatures – Wi-Fi intuitive thermostats use sensors to detect humidity levels and adjust temperatures accordingly to maintain an ideal indoor environment.
  • Wi-Fi thermostats keep you informed about the condition of your heating and cooling equipment. Models can provide diagnostic alerts, letting you know when something is wrong with your system, or if your system is consuming more energy – this way, you can call for repair or service right away.

    System alerts are especially handy while on vacation or busy at work, so you can address the issue before a major crisis occurs – alerts can be sent to your smartphone or email. Your thermostat will even remind you when it’s time to replace your air filter or schedule preventative maintenance.
  • Some models of Wi-Fi thermostats even offer voice control and can be integrated with smart home systems such as Google Home or Alexa for Amazon’s Echo or Dot. Or, control your thermostat via Siri on your iPhone.
  • Many Wi-Fi thermostats offer custom display capabilities, so you can see the information you want. This can include indoor and outdoor temperatures, weather conditions, humidity levels, and more. Certain models allow you to customize the face to match the décor of your home.
  • Wi-Fi thermostats gather information on your household’s energy consumption, giving you energy monitoring capabilities. Use this information to make energy efficiency upgrades, set energy use goals and become more informed about how your household expends heating and cooling energy.

Equip your home with a Wi-Fi thermostat before your summer vacation to maximize energy savings while you’re gone and when you return. Call Energy Savers now to learn more about this technology and get a quote to upgrade your current thermostat.